“Good designers never start by trying to solve the problem given to them: they start by trying to understand what the real issues are.”

Don Norman - The Design of Everyday Things

We’re Gretyen&Co., a UI/UX design studio based in Budapest. Throughout the years our expertise has helped a wide range of digital products, from mobile applications, webshops, to web apps and native apps. Our services include product planning, creating specification, UX design, wireframing, UI design, and sometimes even branding.



owner & UI/UX designer

Greta is the owner and senior UI/UX designer of Gretyen&Co. Greta has a global design education and work experience (from London to Melbourne though India) that makes her suitable for lead design roles for a wide range of design projects. She founded Gretyen&Co. in 2016 after 2 years of agency-life, surrounding herself with the best professionals, who are also her age-old friends (from primary school).

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business development advisor



UI/UX designer

With her software engineering background, Anna has a clear understanding on the possibilities and limitations of design and development. Anna’s ability to provide uniquely creative design solutions improves every product she encounters.