FuguChat ensures that customers are instantly connected to the most suitable customer support representatives of a business. Client companies can re-brand the chat and use it as their own live chat support by integrating it to their own website.

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JungleWorks, the owner of FuguChat has been providing real-time customer support for the customers of their own digital products, then the service evolved into a separate SaaS product. After conducting an internal user-research amongst customer support representatives we’ve found the following:

  • They need a well-structured, easily searchable messaging system
  • They would love to be able to respond to messages on their phone and to get push-notifications when a new conversation is initiated
  • They often type the same messages over and over

White-label and Visual Design

FuguChat has been designed so that any company can re-brand it and use it as their own live chat support, by integrating it to their own website. When it comes to visual design for white-label, it is important that the end client company gets enough freedom to customise the interface, but not too many variables so that they can muck it up.


Controlled variables

We decided to apply a controlled-variable solution and let our clients upload their logo and pick a primary colour. Then we used the shades and tints of the colour to create variety on the interface. As the rest of the interface should work well with the branded elements, we sticked to a simple layout, shades of grey and a neutral typeface, Proxima Nova.

Canned Responses

We found that customer support representatives tend to type the same messages (like providing info on office hours, contact information or answers to FAQ) over and over.

We developed a feature that allows them to insert canned responses into their messages. The pre-formatted content is easily searchable thanks to the tagging system. We also placed a hint in the text area so that we encourage using the feature.

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